John Henry Taylor


Maker of all whose mighty hand
Created sea and sky and land
And in this corner of the West
R.N.D's links, one's skill to test
At playing Golf this ancient game
When life is never quite the same!

No rain or wind or weather joke
Can damp the zeal of Golfing folk
With clubs on trolley studded shoes
They set forth as on a pleasure cruise
And as they place their ball on Tee
May they receive some help from Thee!

As far ahead as trouble stare
They see the Bunkers everywhere
Some to the right and others left
To feel of any hope bereft
Oh help them pitch up to the pin
And see that white ball drop right in!

A happy band these golfer's are
Who talk of Birdie's, making Par
Of hooks and slices, stance and swing
And chippping, putting, pivoting.
All you who play this ancient game
Just thank the Lord and praise his name!

Phyllis Plumtree
Tune - Melita