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northam 1870


 Northam Square and North Street


Northam, being derived from the Saxon North Village, is first mentioned in the Doomsday book and written records regarding the Village only really start from when the existing Church was built during the 13th Century. The History of the Church can be found on the Genuki Devon Site, where a lot of the work by David Gale can be found. This includes a history of the Church, various Trade Directories and a complete transcription of all the gravestones in the Church Cemetery.

Northam really became of note in the14th-15th Centuries, when Bideford was a thriving Port and the area known as Raleigh was named after the great Sir Walter Raleigh, and it is said he did have a house there. There were other great sailors in the Village  and they emanated from Burrough House, the original property being built in the 14th Century by Stephen Burrough and this was the start of a famous line of Seafarers and Navigators.

Other old Houses that still exist are Knapp House, the home of the infamous Thomas Benson, this being the centre of a "smuggling gang" some 200 years ago, Durrant, Northam House, Cross House, Marshford, Diddywell, Clevelands and Hyde Barton.

Burrough House

Burrough House

Northam Square

Northam Square

Fore Street

Fore Street

Cornborough 1870


Boathyde 1870


Kenwith 1870


Orchard Hill 1870

Orchard Hill